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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GoodBe bar and how is it good for future me?

GoodBe is a snack bar with immunity-supporting probiotics and made with delicious, quality ingredients such as fruit, oats, and nuts. GoodBe bars are chilled in the refrigerated section to keep our premium ingredients fresher, longer.

What are these “probiotics” everyone keeps talking about?

Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your gut. There are different types and strains of probiotics that fall into a variety of genus and species, and each strain is unique. Some strains are better at supporting certain benefits than others. And studies have shown that introducing additional probiotic strains to your diet can improve your health.

I’ve heard of probiotics in yogurt before, but never in a snack bar. How exactly do you get probiotics in a bar?

The yogurt filling in our bars contains the probiotic Bacillus coagulans (GanedenBC30™) —which studies show helps support immune health when taken a dose is taken daily. While waiting in the filling, these probiotics are inert (sort of like hibernating) inside of their natural protective shell. But once they are consumed, they are “woken up” by the activity in your body - and that’s when they get to work!

Are there really enough probiotics in GoodBe to make a difference in my body?

Yes! We’ve crammed a whole lot of goodness into our bars—1 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of probiotics per bar. And paired with our delicious flavors and ingredients, we’re convinced GoodBe is the most enjoyable way to increase your probiotic intake.

1 Billion CFUs? That seems like a lot. Can you have too much of a good thing?

As with everything in nutrition, you should practice moderation. That being said, GanedenBC30™ is safe, even at high doses. Its effects have been thoroughly reviewed by independent research studies, and it is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in a wide array of foods from the FDA. The safety data show that a healthy individual can take up to 94 times the necessary daily intake of GanedenBC30™ without any adverse effects. (Although that’s no excuse for eating too many GoodBe Bars!)

Why is GoodBe found in the refrigerated section?

It’s simple really—we believe foods made with fresh ingredients taste better. And keeping it in the refrigerator helps keep our premium ingredients fresher, longer. Additionally, since other foods with probiotics are in the refrigerated section, it made sense to chill out with like-minded snacks.

Does that mean I need to keep GoodBe refrigerated at home?

We recommend keeping GoodBe refrigerated at home. However, because our probiotic has a protective shell that keeps it inactive until digested, it’s safe to take GoodBe out of the refrigerator and put in your bag or backpack until you’re ready to enjoy it.

If I left GoodBe out at room temperature, would the probiotics become less effective?

GoodBe bars are safe to take out of the refrigerator to take to work, for hiking, pre- or post- workout or for a quick afternoon snack. Our probiotic ingredient has a shell that protects the probiotic’s effectiveness until it’s processed by your gut where water activity, food source and temperature conditions are just right for it to begin its work.

Is GoodBe a vegan product?

No, GoodBe contains a non-vegan creamy center—that’s the yogurt filling you taste!

Is GoodBe gluten free?

Our bars are not gluten-free at this time.

Let’s talk about nuts. And any other major allergens.

Our bars contain milk, almonds, and wheat, and may contain soy, eggs, peanuts, and traces of other tree nuts. Always check the label for the most current product information.

Who is Foundry Foods?

Foundry Foods Inc. is an innovation hub for Nestlé USA that distributes a range of premium, innovative food products. Foundry Foods teams are given a lot of latitude to develop new product concepts, while tapping into Nestlé’s extensive knowledge base in order to bring foods that are highly relevant and exciting to you, our customer!